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Personal Vehicles

An employee’s personal auto liability insurance policy provides coverage when a personal vehicle is used to conduct University business. It is the employee’s responsibility to be adequately insured. University insurance programs do not provide coverage for damage or loss to an employee’s vehicle when it is used for business travel.

If an employee using a personal vehicle to conduct University business is involved in an accident in which the employee’s vehicle is damaged, Business and Finance Bulletin G-28 (Part VII.C, Automobile, Section 1a, Para 2d) allows departments to reimburse the employee $500 or the amount of the employee’s policy deductible, whichever is less, to pay for repairs. The reimbursement may be charged to the department or to another account as designated by the Chancellor.

Personal Vehicle Insurance

If you regularly use a personal vehicle on University business (defined as more than four trips per calendar month totaling at least 300 miles), your vehicle insurance must meet the University’s minimum liability coverage per Business and Finance Bulletin, G-28, C.1.d:

  • $50,000 for personal injury to or death of a person
  • $100,000 for injury to, or death of, two or more persons in one accident
  • $50,000 for property damage

Automobile Accident

Go to Automobile Accident if you are a University driver who has been involved in an automobile accident and you must report and/or make a claim for injury or damages.

Insurance Coverage in an Accident

  • Injury or damage to others: your personal policy
  • Damage to personal vehicle: your personal policy
  • Injury to employee driver (if in course and scope of employment): UC Worker’s Compensation Program
  • Injury to employee passenger (if in course and scope of employment): UC Worker’s Compensation Program
  • Injury to non-UC passenger: your personal policy if accident is your fault; if the fault of a third party, third party’s insurance
  • See the Fact Sheet: Insurance While Driving on UC Business for more information about where your insurance coverage comes from when you are driving a vehicle to conduct University business.

Traffic and Parking Tickets

Tickets received while operating a UC vehicle are the responsibility of the driver, not the University.