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Programs & Policies

UC insures its operations with a combination of self-insurance programs and commercial insurance policies. In the mid-1980s, the University found the cost of insurance so high that it set up in-house, self-financed insurance programs for certain exposures. These self-insurance programs provide the backbone of the University's overall insurance portfolio. In general, coverage under the self-insurance programs is automatic.

The University also purchases excess commercial insurance policies that augment the self-insurance programs. In addition, it purchases various commercial insurance policies to cover some specific exposures. The following list, and the information available at the associated links, gives a broad overview of how the University insures its operations. This is not a complete list of all the University’s insurance programs and policies nor is the information intended to describe the programs and policies in any detail.

Self-Insurance Programs

  • Automobile – covers physical damage to and UC legal liability for BI and PD arising out of operation of its owned and leased vehicles
  • Employment Practices – covers UC legal liability for wrongful acts arising out of the employment process, i.e. wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.
  • General Liability – covers UC legal liability for BI and PD arising out of UC’s operations and premises
  • Professional Medical Liability – covers UC legal liability for errors & omissions in the treatment of third parties, responds to medical and dental malpractice claims and lawsuits that occur at UC healthcare facilities
  • Property – covers UC-owned property and property in UC’s care control, and custody subject to a written agreement signed by an individual with signature authority
  • Workers Compensation - provides coverage for employees work-related injuries or illnesses

Commercial Policies

  • Aviation/Aircraft/UAS – covers UC for losses arising out of aviation operations, the use of non-owned aircraft, and from the use of unmanned aerial systems
  • Boiler & Machinery – covers equipment breakdown, loss or damage to covered boiler and machinery equipment
  • Builder’s Risk – covers all risks of direct physical loss or damage at UC construction sites
  • Cyber – covers damages and claim expenses that UC is obligated to pay because of an actual or alleged privacy breach, confidentiality breach, security breach, or online media activity
  • Crime – covers loss caused by employee theft, forgery, funds transfer fraud, and other crimes
  • Fine Arts (Scheduled) – covers UC and third party scheduled fine arts, both permanent collections and exhibits, for all risks of physical loss or damage
  • Library & Fine Arts (Unscheduled) – covers unscheduled fine arts and library collections
  • Foreign Liability - covers UC legal liability for BI and PD for losses outside the U.S. and legal liability for BI and PD arising out of operation of owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles (excess of local coverage); workers comp benefits for employees working outside U.S.
  • Marine Cargo - covers shipment of goods outside the U.S., vessel pollution, marine and hull coverage for scheduled vessels, vessel charter liability
  • Travel (Business) – provides accident/medical coverage for UC faculty and staff engaged in work-related travel
  • Travel (Student) – provides accident/medical coverage for UC students engaged in UC-sponsored travel
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability – covers UC legal liability to third parties for acts of sexual misconduct

Who & What is Covered

  • UC operations
  • UC employees acting within the course and scope of their UC employment
  • UC-owned property and property in its care, control, and custody
  • UC-owned and leased automobiles

Who & What is Not Covered

Everyone and everything else, including:

  • Employees not in the course and scope of employment
  • Students
  • Volunteers (volunteers whose status has been approved by the Worker’s Comp Manager are eligible for coverage under the Workers’ Compensation Program for work related injuries or illnesses)
  • Alumni
  • Outside parties that use UC facilities
  • Vendors
  • Non-owned vehicles
  • Non-owned property (if not in the care, custody, and control of the University)