Any person diving under university auspices must observe the provisions of the UC Enterprise Dive Safety Manual and be authorized as a scientific diver. The UC Enterprise Diving Control Board requires that all dive projects submit a dive plan to the Dive Safety Officer detailing any proposed dive project. Dive plans should be submitted through Webdiver and additional dive planning references are available here. Please contact the UC Enterprise Dive and Boat Safety Officer if you have any questions.



  1. Submit a general dive plan through Webdiver, ideally 1-2 months prior to the start of the project, for review/approval. All diving operations are required to have an approved dive plan; even smaller pilot projects that graduate students tend to conduct often.

  2. Ensure all divers joining the project will have an active scientific status on Webdiver during the proposed project. Ideally 1-2 month prior to the trip if possible so divers can update their status if needed.

  3. When collaborating with another scientific organization: Submit a Letter of Reciprocity (LOR) request on Webdiver and note dive dates, which divers need their LOR sent to another organization, and what dive plan they will be diving on. Ideally 2-4 wks prior to the trip.

  4. All visiting divers (non-UC Enterprise) need to be approved by the DSO and complete a waiver prior to joining any UC related project.