All employees (faculty and staff) have responsibilities for health, safety and environmental protection under campus policy #5400 and the UC Policy on Management of Health, Safety and the Environment. Per the former:
“Vice Chancellors are responsible for ensuring that units under their authority comply with the campus environmental health and safety policy. Deans, unit heads, principle investigators and supervisors are accountable for establishing and maintaining programs to ensure compliance within their areas and which will provide a safe and healthy environment. All employees are responsible for knowing the applicable safety regulations governing the activities they carry out and are accountable for complying with them.”


The particular safety responsibilities of an individual will vary depending on their position. Individuals may fall under more than one category.

  • Per Cal-OSHA, each employee must be made aware of their employer's IIPP and their responsibilities under their plan. The best way to achieve this is for all employees, supervisors, and management personnel to enroll in and complete the “Safety Orientation (2018)” course located in the campus Learning Center.
    • To access the course: Log in to the UC Learning Center.
    • Enter "Safety Orientation (2018) in the "Search" function.
    • Enroll in and complete "Safety Orientation (2018)" course.