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UCSB Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has assembled this document to serve as the foundation health and safety resource for campus administrators - Department Safety Representative (DSR), Business Officers, Chairs, Directors, faculty and staff supervisors. It is intended to aid them in recognizing their health and safety responsibilities and in building their local programs to meet those responsibilities. However, it is also intended to serve as a resource for all employees and should be maintained by each DSR in a location known to all.

This document attempts to summarize in one location all major EH&S-related programs on campus. It should be noted that all of the programs described herein have their basis in current regulations, codes or campus policy. Supplemental information in support of this document is on the EH&S Web site and is referenced accordingly. The document is organized as follows:

I. Introduction (version 4/2008)

Rights and Responsibilities: for employees; supervisors; DSRs; management; EH&S Regulations and Codes: overview of the major areas of regulatory mandate.

II. Campus Programs Summary (version 2/2016)

Campus Programs Summary
A summary of significant campus programs, manuals and policies that may be applicable to a given supervisor or department. Based on applicable regulations.


The remaining binder tabs are the written programs/templates/forms that all departments must have in place. Generally coordinated and maintained by DSR.


III. Department Emergency Operations Plan (version 2013)

Department Emergency Operations Plan
Department-specific procedures/resources for dealing with fire, earthquake, bomb threat, etc.

UCSB Emergency Status Report


Storke Tower, UC Santa Barbara

IV. IIPP and Appendices (version 12/2019)

UCSB Injury and Illness Prevention Written Plan
The IIPP is the umbrella OSHA-mandated program that addresses: communicating safety issues; hazard reporting; safety inspection and training; recordkeeping, etc.

Associated IIPP forms extracted from Appendix 2 of the full version above:

  1. Inspections:
  2. Training Checklists:
  3. Laboratory Self-Inspection and Training information please visit Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program
  4. Hazard Reporting Form download and Online Hazard Reporting
  5. Injury Reporting


For assistance or more information, please email the Industrial Safety Program at