Magnetic Field Safety Program Overview

UCSB aims to provide a safe environment for staff, researchers, students and visitors working with and/or around strong magnetic fields and provides safety recommendations for personnel working with or around these devices.

In order to mitigate the potential hazards  of working with or near high magnetic fields it is essential that:

  • Access controls are implemented
  • 5 gauss line clearly identified
  • Hazard signs are placed and maintained to convey hazard information to personnel in the local area
  • Adequate training is provided to personnel and visitors
  • Labs or areas with strong magnetic fields are designed with full consideration for surrounding personnel safety

Registration / Hazard Evaluation

UCSB follows the safety guidelines for magnetic fields as published by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). All devices that produce magnetic field strengths greater than 2 tesla should be registered with the EH&S Radiation Safety Program and a hazard evaluation should be performed. EH&S will perform field strength monitoring and provide signage as well as suggesting appropriate engineering/administrative controls that should be in place.

Magnet Registration Form

A hazard evaluation by EH&S should be performed every 2 years or when any changes in the magnetic field occurs or if the equipment is moved.


It is the equipment owner's responsibility for the safety of the personnel working with or around magnetic fields. Make sure all personnel (users, visiting researchers, maintenance personnel, etc.) are trained and understand the hazards before allowing them to enter the magnet room.

Magnet safety training information can be found below. In the near future, this training module will be listed on the UCSB Learning Center. Until then, owners of magnetic field producing equipment should ensure that all personnel understand the safety information presented.

UCSB Magnetic Field Safety Training


Upon evaluation by EH&S, signs will be provided to comply with ICNIRP guidelines. Additional signs can be downloaded below for your convenience.

Magnetic Field Sign (English)

Magnetic Field Sign (Spanish)

Additional Resources

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection