Section 10 of the Radiation Safety Manual: Radiation Producing Machines

  • Application for Authorization to Use Radiation Producing Machines
  • Electron Microscope Users
    Operators of electron microscopes (scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes) do not require the more extensive radiation safety training, as do users of X-ray diffraction and cabinet radiography units. However, the California Department of Public Health does require electron microscopes to be registered (contact EH&S, Radiation Safety Office within 30 days of machine acquisition) and that operators of these units have some minimal awareness of radiation safety. To satisfy the awareness requirement, users must review the Electron Microscope Radiation Safety Guide.

Training Needs

New Machine User

Users of radiation producing machines must be trained in, and familiar with the proper engineering controls, administrative procedures and policies related to the radiation safety of machine use. This training must be documented on the "Training and Experience for Radiation Producing Machines" form (appendix B-12). This form must be completed for each individual user and submitted to EH&S within 30 days of the beginning of work with ionizing radiation producing machines. In addition, all radiation machine users must the "Radiation Producing Machine" online training module available on the UCSB Learning Management System website.

Radiation-Producing Machines Forms

Badge Forms