Biosafety inspections are scheduled separate in time from other inspections to discuss project-specific materials, procedures, work, storage and waste treatment locations.

If you are obtaining a Biological Use Authorization, then the Biosafety Officer will schedule a review of the lab spaces that you've listed. 

If you are also generating regulated, biohazardous/medical waste, CDPH will inspect the lab spaces as part of the annual medical waste inspection.
(CDPH Medical Waste Division does not maintain inspection checklists for publication.) 

If a condition requires follow up, the Biosafety Officer may collect a photo. You may in turn submit a photo by email to document that the condition has been addressed. This is also standard procedure for follow up to violations noted by CDPH during the annual medical waste inspection.

Inspections are logged using the RSS Inspect application. 

If you obtain biological materials with a CDC Import Permit, the CDC will inspect your facilities with the CDC Import Permit Inspection Checklist for BSL2 Laboratories. 

stacked items on bio container

Don't stack items on the top of containers used for regulated medical waste.


small biowaste trash can

Secondary containers for solid medical waste must be lidded when not in use.



bio waste trash can open

Don't overstuff medical waste accumulation bins