Various regulatory requirements necessitate keeping track of the hazardous materials at UCSB. The EH&S Chemical Inventory Program, tracks and reports the storage and use of chemicals that are either regulated carcinogens, or highly toxic gases, or in large volume.

SB County Environmental Health Services requires businesses to provide information about their bulk hazardous materials, including location, physical state, container type, amount present and maximum amount stored on site during the year. The County uses the information for emergency response planning — the so-called "Business Plan".


For campus labs or shops to be in compliance they must report hazardous materials to EH&S which at any one time during the calendar year, are stored or used in quantities greater than:

A) 500 pounds of a solid, or
B) 55 gallons of a liquid, or
C) 200 cubic feet of a compressed gas (excluding inert gases) when calculated at standard temperature and pressure


If you have materials in quantities meeting these thresholds, please contact the Business Plan manager
at (805) 893-8243 to update your inventory.