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All laboratories which use chemicals are subject to the Cal-OSHA standard titled: "Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories"; commonly known as the “Laboratory Safety Standard”.  

The major requirement of the Lab Standard is to develop and implement a written, Laboratory-specific Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) which addresses the policies, Standard Operating Procedures, etc., that ensure employees are protected from harm due to chemicals. The UCSB CHP is accessed via tool bar at left, or below, and is organized as follows:


  • SECTION 1: Lab-Specific Section: Contains essential forms for creating a laboratory-specific CHP, such as contact information, locations, and Standard Operating Procedures

  • SECTION 2: EH&S-provided): UC/UCSB Policies, Procedures and Resources

  • SECTION 3: Appendices: PI responsibilities, Self-Inspection checklist, GHS classification system detains, and a list of Particularly Hazardous Substances (PHS)


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Section I

Section I: Lab-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan Templates

To be in compliance with the OSHA CHP regulations, lab supervisors must customize their CHP to their particular chemical operations using the template in Sec. I.

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Section III

Section III: Appendices

Includes further information on PI responsibilities, laboratory inspections, and the GHS classification system, as well as a list of particularly hazardous substances.

Particularly Hazardous Substances

Employee Information Training