UC instituted a policy on the use of PPE in labs. The policy is intended to help protect lab workers from injury, meet Cal-OSHA requirements and bring more consistency to UC PPE practices. All members of the lab community have responsibilities under the policy and the law - particularly supervisors and lab workers.


The most important aspects of the policy are when and where individuals must wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, safety eyewear and a lab coat. This is summarized on a poster which is mounted at the main door to all labs – see next page.





  • Exemptions from wearing PPE (policy requires written exemption from EH&S)
    • hazardous materials/processes-free areas
    • areas protected by adequate distance (some desk locations are problematic)
    • lab areas/desks protected by adequate physical shielding

  • Supervisors shall perform a written assessment of the workplace to determine what PPE is needed – OSHA requirement. This is done via use the online UC Assessment Tool. The assessment should be updated and re-certified by at least every 3 years, or more often if needed. See pg. II-8.

  • Supervisor assures workers are trained on when PPE is needed and how to wear, adjust & maintain. Per pg. II-8, use the Assessment tool to receive the necessary documented training for basic lab coat and safety eyewear use.

  • Laboratory coats shall not be laundered at private residences, or public laundry facilities. See pg. II-8 for free lab coat laundering program details.

  • Safety eyewear must meet American National Standards Institute standards. Typical prescription spectacles do not meet these standards (are not shatter-proof polycarbonate) unless specifically provided by an eye care professional. Safety goggles that readily fit over glasses are free (see pg. II-8).

  • Teaching courses which include lab/shop/field work are required to indicate PPE requirements in the course syllabus or manual. The PPE requirements for teaching labs are the same as for research labs. The instructor of record for the course, or designee, is responsible for determining the appropriate PPE and ensuring that students are familiar with and properly use PPE. However, since teaching labs do not go through the LHAT process above, the instructor is responsible for determining which type of safety eyewear are necessary — Information on Eyewear Guidance