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Chemical Inventory

Campus Chemical Inventory Program Background

The Chemical Inventory database is available to track campus chemical inventories. It is available to campus users to enter and maintain their individual inventories -- See Chemical Inventory Database button on the right. Maintaining a current inventory reduces the frequency of ordering materials that are already in-stock and facilitates the tracking of time-sensitive materials that should be disposed of. In addition, UCSB is required by federal and state law to track certain materials that are particularly hazardous, or above specified volumes.

The campus Chemical Inventory Program is coordinated by the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S). Every laboratory, shop, or other chemical storage location should maintain an up-to-date chemical inventory, and reconcile it at least annually.

The inventory program will also assist with tracking Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chemicals of Interest (COI). In the DHS process for determination of risk, all laboratory facilities are expected to survey their facility for the presence of COI and compare their inventory to the threshold screening quantities.

EH&S Chemical Inventory Program Contact: Alex Moretto,