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Drones in the Field


UC faculty, staff, and students who want to fly University drones on or off campus for research, educational, scientific, or business purposes must first register the drones with the FAA, and then with the UC Drone Web App. You will use the UC Drone Web App to submit a Flight Request.  
For the full procedure, please see the Risk Management page on UAS and Drones.
The Center of Excellence on Unmanned Aircraft System Safety provides system-wide expertise, support and training for regulatory compliance, risk management and the safe operation of drones. 


UC Drones Safety


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Export Control

International Field Work and Consulting may be subject to export controls. Export control regulations cover shipment of controlled physical items, such as scientific equipment and transfers of controlled information, including technical data.

The UCSB Export Control Officer reviews and documents the export of commodities and technology, including Garmin InReach SE and mini satellite communication devices.

If you are traveling out of the USA, the Export Control Officer needs to document the number of devices, destinations, transportation method (shipping versus hand-carrying), scope of use, and whether the devices will be used for any military applications. Plan for one week for review by the Export Control Officer. 

If you are traveling to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and parts of the Ukraine, you will need an export license and additional lead time to secure this. 

Contact the UCSB Export Control Officer at


Export Control


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International Travel


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US Department of State: For travel abroad
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