Developing a Field Safety Plan is an essential part of ensuring your field work occurs in a safe and effective manner. Please use this Field Safety Plan template to help prepare for your field work. Modify as needed. Please contact EH&S if you have any questions.


Key Elements of a Field Safety Plan Include:

Key Elements

Research Team Information:

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Health Insurance Carrier
  • Records of specialized training
  • Health concerns
  • Waivers of Liability

Key Elements

Emergency Respond Procedures:

  • Important phone numbers
  • Procedure to contact EMS and your UCSB Department
  • General First Aid
  • First Aid Kit (recommendations)
  • Hospital Locations and level of care
  • Transportation options
  • Incident Report Procedures
  • Emergency provisions and access to fresh water

Key Elements

Communication Options and a Check-In Protocol:


Risk Assessment and Go/No-Go Criteria:


Heat Illness Plan - Prevention and Response:

Key Elements

Travel Itinerary - Collect the Following Information:

  • Car rental details
  • Flight numbers
  • Departure times
  • Hotels or camp sites
  • Cell phone numbers of all participants
  • Activities planned and etc.