There are a variety of state and federal regulations that govern the occupational use of Aerial Lift and Elevating Work Platform (AL/EWP) equipment. This program aims to establish procedures that ensure safe and legal operation of AL/EWP equipment by University of California Santa Barbara personnel, contractors, and vendors.

Departmental Responsibilities

Departments and PIs that own, rent, lease, and/or otherwise operate AL/EWP equipment are responsible for:

  • Identifying “AL/EWP Equipment Responsible Person(s)” and ensuring they have the knowledge and authority to carry out their responsibilities as required per the AL/EWP Written Program;
  • Understanding and complying with all UCSB AL/EWP Program requirements;
  • Evaluating equipment needs and ensuring proper equipment, is selected and used for each job task under their purview;
  • Ensuring documented AL/EWP Site Operation Hazard Assessments are conducted for each use location and piece of equipment under their purview;
  • Notifying the EH&S Program Administrator of changes in equipment and ensuring equipment not previously approved by the EH&S Program Administrator is reviewed and approved prior to purchase, lease, rental, or operation;
  • Notifying EH&S of multi-department shared equipment;
  • Identifying qualified operators and ensuring proper AL/EWP certification and training documentation for the equipment they will operate;
  • Ensuring Pre-operation Inspections are performed and documented by the operator before each use;
  • Ensuring maintenance and repairs are performed by a qualified person per the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • Ensuring maintenance, inspection, and training records are maintained per the requirements of this program;
  • Locking-out and/or tagging-out equipment that has not been properly inspected, maintained, or is otherwise unsafe to operate;
  • Enforcing safe operation and ensuring all use;
  • Supplying all necessary personal protective (PPE) and fall arrest equipment, and ensuring that it is used properly; and
  • Notifying the EH&S Program Administrator of any unsafe and/or unauthorized use of equipment under their purview.

Bucket Truck

Operators (Faculty, Staff, Students and Volunteers)

UCSB personnel who operate AL/EWPs while engaged in University-related activities are responsible for:

  • Understanding and complying with all Aerial Lift/Elevating Work Platform Safety Program requirements;
  • Notifying their Supervisor or EH&S about any hazardous conditions observed;
  • Only using AL/EWP equipment that they are certified and trained to operate;
  • Operating equipment in accordance with instruction and training provided by the EH&S Program Administrator, their Supervisor, 3rd Party Training Vendors, and the Responsible Person;
  • Always operating AL/EWP equipment in a safe manner;
  • Informing their Supervisor or the EH&S Program Administrator if they are on medication or have any other conditions or concerns, that could result in unsafe operation of AL/EWP equipment;
  • Not disassembling, modifying, or otherwise altering equipment in any way;
  • Performing Site Operation Hazard Assessments and pre-operation inspections prior to equipment use, and;
  • Reporting any observed or suspected malfunctioning of equipment to their Supervisor, Responsible Person, or the EH&S Program Administrators.


AL/EWP Equipment Passengers (Non-operators)

AL/EWP passengers must complete Fall Protection, AL/EWP Awareness training, and receive EH&S Program Administrator and/or Responsible Person approval prior to riding on or in AL/EWP equipment. Passengers are not to use the operator's controls and are not considered rescue personnel. Passengers must not interfere with the safe operation of AL/EWP equipment.

Contractors and Vendors using AL/EWP on UCSB Property

Contractors and vendors who are certified under their company’s AL/EWP Safety program and have permission from a University Representative, may operate AL/EWP equipment owned/leased/rented by their company on UC Santa Barbara property. All used UCSB-owned/rented/leased equipment by non-UCSB Personnel must be reviewed and approved by the EH&S Program Administrator. Non-certified or otherwise unqualified operators must be directed to stop work immediately and the incident must be reported to the EH&S Program Administrator.

Trailer-Mounted Articulating Boom

Office of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S)

EH&S is responsible for:

  • Designating an individual who is qualified by appropriate training and/or experience to administer the program.

Program Administrator

The AL/EWP Program Administrator will function as a technical resource and assist departments in carrying out their responsibilities as necessary. The AL/EWP Program Administrator is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining the UCSB AL/EWP Program and ensuring it meets applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Communicating requirements, objectives, and program changes to departments impacted by this program;
  • Developing, maintaining, and providing AL/EWP training and other program materials as needed;
  • Working with responsible persons to identify safe locations where “hands-on” field training may be conducted;
  • Conducting regular program audits to ensure the program is being properly implemented and assessing overall program effectiveness;
  • Conducting periodic “customer service” inquiries to learn how the program can be modified to better meet client department needs;
  • Reviewing new equipment purchases/rentals/leases and ensuring they meet current regulations, are covered by this program, and determining if further specialized training is necessary;
  • Keeping an accurate and up-to-date inventory of campus AL/EWP based on information provided by responsible persons and information gathered during annual inspections, and;
  • Assisting with AL/EWP Equipment Selection and Site Hazard Evaluations upon request.

Self-Propelled Articulating Boom


The following standards and other resources were used to help dictate the requirements of this program:

Scissor Lift

For questions, comments, or to request support related to UCSB AL/EWP Safety Program requirements, please contact EH&S Industrial Safety at: