Field Research Safety


Nelly Traitcheva
Laboratory Safety Specialist

Garmin InReach Satellite Communicators

See below for satellite equipment availability.

Garmin InReach SE+ satellite communicator

UCSB’s Environmental Health and Safety manages a Satellite Device Loaner Program. We have four (4) Garmin InReach SE+ satellite communicators available to be borrowed by field researchers for their planned field trips. The Satellite communicators are intended to serve as an emergency communication devices and personal locators when engaged in university-related activities at remote areas with unreliable cell phone coverage. The Garmin InReach SE+ satellite communicators operate via the Iridium satellite network (100% global coverage) when given a clear view of the sky.

Researchers who are interested to borrow the device are required to:

  1. Read and sign the UC Sat Device Use Authorization Agreement;
  2. Develop a Field Safety Plan;
  3. All participants should take the Heat Illness Prevention Training (UCSB Learning Center)
  4. The field trip leader (or a delegate) should register all participants in the the trip with UC Away
  5. Make an appointment with Nelly Traitcheva to check out the device and to receive a short in person “how-to” training.
Device Status Return Date
Satellite Device 1 - "Alamo" Available
Satellite Device 2 - "Walker" Checked Out 09/22/2020
Satellite Device 3 - "Salomon" Checked Out 09/01/2020
Satellite Device 4 - "Zaca" Available