New Radioactive Material User

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that every individual working under their authorization is fully instructed and knowledgeable in appropriate radiation safety practices.

New researchers who wish to work with Radioactive Materials must first complete their online radiation safety training at the UC Learning Center PLUS attend a live "on-boarding session" in your lab with a member of EH&S, Radiation Safety staff.


Take Online Radiation Safety Training “Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials.”

Access the UC Learning Center. Note: Make sure that you have your browser’s pop-up blocker disabled in order for it to work correctly. Search for the term “Radiation” and enroll in the course titled “Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials”


Arrange an on-boarding session.

Once the online training is complete, EH&S Radiation Safety staff will contact you to arrange an on-boarding session in your lab. The on-boarding session is intended to convey lab specific radiation safety information and practices.

If you are uncertain of which training is appropriate for your planned work, contact the Radiation Safety staff for further guidance.

Continuing User

The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that all continuing radioactive material users listed on their radiation authorization receive annual instruction in campus radiation safety policies and procedures.

Annual Refresher Class in Radiation Safety

To satisfy the above requirement, continuing radioactive material users can complete the online radiation safety refresher. The online course can be accessed at the UC Learning Center.  Search for the course titled "Radiation Refresher."


radiation machine


Generally Licensed Radioactive Materials (FAQ)

Generally licensed devices and materials (e.g. uranyl acetate, tritium exit signs, static eliminators, small button sources) are designed with safety features for safe use for the general public with no radiation training or experience. Although these materials may be ordered and received without a specific radioactive materials license, they must be inventoried, properly disposed of, and possibly leak-tested semi-annually. See the FAQ sheet below for more information.

Generally Licensed Radioactive Material (FAQ)

Working with Radiation While Pregnant

If you are a radiation worker that is pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant, additional radiation safety information is available in the link below. You may also contact Radiation Safety directly by email or by telephone at (805) 893-7255 for more information.

Declaration of Pregnancy and Safety Information

Radiation Safety Info for Non-Radiation Workers

Many students, staff, or faculty may have to work in the same areas where radioactive material is used and/or stored. The following is intended to provide general radiation safety precautions for people at UCSB that work in proximity where radioactive materials and/or radiation producing machines are used.

Radiation Safety for Non-Users of Radioactive Material