COVID-19 Guidance and Notices from the Office of Research 

Facial Coverings


student wearing mask




  • Facial masks during Phase 3 of the Research Ramp-Up Process will be distributed through EH&S.

  • Building Committees should fill out a request Excel sheet on building level and submit it to

  • EH&S will provide one mask per a work day in a week (e.g. if the researcher will work 3 days in a week they will receive 3 mask

Remote Learning and Incident Reporting


student working on her laptop remotely




  • With the implementation of remote teaching labs comes the likelihood of incidents and injuries. Use this document as a guideline on incident reporting during remote learning.

  • To protect the University's liability, when applicable each student should sign a waiver of liability at the beginning of a course.

  • Risk Assessment should be in place. Contact EH&S for assistance.

Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


UCSB Students working in lab wearing PPE gear