Lab Safety & Chemical Hygiene Program

COVID-19 Information for Researchers

COVID-19 Guidance and Notices from the Office of Research

Guidance on Maintaining Resusable and Shared PPE Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfection of Laboratory Spaces
UCSB COVID19 Fieldwork Checklist UCSB EHS Face Covering Guidance
UCSB Lab Space Planning and General Lab Safety Checklist New Process For Obtaining PPE

Facial Coverings

Facial masks during Phase 3 of the Research Ramp-Up Process will be distributed through EH&S. Building Committees should fill out a request Excel sheet on building level and submit it to EH&S will provide one mask per a work day in a week (e.g. if the researcher will work 3 days in a week they will receive 3 masks).

Remote Learning and Incident Reporting

  • With the implementation of remote teaching labs comes the likelihood of incidents and injuries. Use this document as a guideline on incident reporting during remote learning.
  • To protect the University's liability, when applicable each student should sign a waiver of liability at the beginning of a course.
  • Risk Assessment should be in place. Contact EH&S for assistance.

Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • EH&S continues to provide free PPE and free PPE laundry services to all lab members.
  • Due to COVID-19 safety measure some buildings with laundry locations are locked. In order to access the site, please contact the management service officer (MSO) of the department.